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Elemental Instruments of Daily Perspective

Over Due pressing of keys

Absurd reasons to not hit the gas

a pain in my own ass

re-bless- re-wired- re-turned-re-learned

phobias and for real problems

a system of out- smarting my own mistakes

pretense and purpose, glamour peels away its own rind

what kind of prose is this any way?

what’s the big Idea?

No telling what you want to hear as the multiplicative reasons are always there to multiply divide add and subtract

adding up to some one sum=1

no telling the future when the soliloquy is on hold

Ambient impulses to re-create for what lies ahead

Outward drafting from tangible mental structures

Falling asleep with plans in the works

germination is beginning in the dark

organic process in the in-organic world

every being has an alien moment or two

traveling here, your motive is to see for your self