About Self:

  • This site began with the intent on representing my work as a portfolio to keep for my own interest as well as sharing with others.

  • The development of this site will be a learning experience for me, so there will be a more organic growth, and a less academic evolution. Making effort to display what I do without getting into a confusing description.

  • Photography,Drawing,& Painting are in no specific hierarchy, are what fields I have been working with. Sculpture and Textiles are also in study and development.

  • I collect inspiration which cross pollenates my interest in each of these fields. I often find that I want to paint what I photograph and photograph what I paint and always draw from what I dream. My work that I represent is a body of interest of my inner realm. Getting to know what I am, and the activities which I work within.

  • When I feel the words some of my works may also take form of prose or the writing on the wall. From the heart, or from the mind, always from the soul.

  • Music has it’s own component in my life, collecting, listening and dissecting. Music on vinyl is quite important to me.

  • D.J. culture and music production of many genre, talent levels good and bad has created it’s own chapter within my creative being.

  • As I have grown the reality of sound has become nutrient to my visual work.

  • The connection is always a change of perspective, and great help making decisions, in the good work of creating art. Respectfully so in the life I live as an artist and the decisions it requires to pursue the passion.

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